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Heavy Duty Plastic Locker

Added February 5, 2021
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Every unit of heavy duty plastic Locker T-H385XXL/2 contains 10 seeds of 2 door HDPE lockers(total 20 doors), it could also flexibly combine with 1 door, 3 doors or 4 doors, 6 doors and 8 doors lockers as a unit; this HDPE locker has unique advantages of water-resistant, UV proof, durable, rustproof and nearly unbreakable. These plastic lockers are ideally used as water-park lockers, swimming pool lockers, factory lockers, beach lockers and events rental lockers.

Phone: 865926369978 show
Location: China
No.31, HouShanTou Road, ShenQing Industrial Area, GuanKou Town, JiMei District, Xiamen City, China
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